RoHS and WEEE compliance verification Manager's Choice. Dick Haney Consulting specialist in product development, process development & technical management covering the product lifecycle: What is the best, legal way to verify any manufacturer’s claim that the electronic components and sub-assemblies they produce and sell (e.g., to system integrators) comply with RoHS and WEEE requirements?  Charlie Blackham CE Marking & Product Approvals... Leer más →

Electronic Waste Disposal, Recycling and Data Destruction

 In the developed world today, it may seem like almost everyone has a cell phone, and technology companies are always coming up with newer models which are better than the ones which came before it and have more features —meaning that there are always cell phones being disposed of. Unfortunately, many people just throw them... Leer más →

European Recycling Platfomr (ERP) logró reciclar 2 millones de toneladas de RAEEE

European Recycling Platform (ERP), único SIG paneuropeo de residuos de aparatos eléctricos y electrónicos (RAEE) y residuos de pilas y baterías (RPA) que opera en España, ha conseguido reciclar dos millones de toneladas de RAEE en Europa. ERP se ha convertido así, en la primera entidad en alcanzar esta cifra, todo un hito en el sector.Los beneficios... Leer más →

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